Scared of not hitting your retirement goals? Stay Calm.

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by Mike Onotsky We are all too often influenced by the media. They love to share the bad news and even embellish it since good news just doesn’t sell. You are engaged when they are talking about the risks to you, but not so much when they project everything humming along normally.  When it comes to financial markets, wording like “triple digit losses” seem to attempt to strike fear when, in reality, a triple digit loss when the markets are around 15,000 is really a 1% swing and this is for a portfolio that is 100% in stocks which would be a very aggressive investor. If we look to the days before 2008, a 1-2% swing either way was a pretty normal day in the market. So what is the result of fear over the financial markets? Well, for most people, it results in panic and often a drastic change in investment style for their retirement or other savings. As an advisor, I hear the worries…”I am seeing a quarter of my retirement savings disappear”. The reality is that ...

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Our Move – Updates, Timelines and More Convenience

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The time is drawing closer to Erb and Erb’s move and Lackner McLennan's move. LMI's tentative move date is October 19 and 20, 2017. They will be closed that day and be open for business at 818 Victoria St. N. on October 23, 2017. Erb and Erb's tentative move date is November 10, 2017. We’ll be closed that day for the move and plan to be open for business as usual at our new location 818 Victoria St. N.(Victoria St. N. and Bruce St.) on November 13, 2017! All of Our Contact Information Will Stay the Same All of LMI and E&E's contact emails and phone numbers will remain unchanged. You’ll still be able to contact us the same way you did before. Via phone, email, website, and social media. A Better Location to Serve Our Clients With a more central location and with our sister organisation Lackner McLennan Insurance moving in before us we’ll be better able to provide top notch service to our clients. Why? Improved infrastructure, both internal and external, will provide us with ...

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What could lead to your car insurance claim being denied?

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No one wants to have a car accident. Certainly, no one wants to be hurt in a car accident. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Having the right coverage for your vehicle usually means you’ll have the protection needed to have your car repaired, or in case of injury, have help to rehabilitate yourself back to health. However, there are times when the actions of car owners puts their insurance policy and coverage at risk. Most Common Reasons for Denying a Claim Undisclosed Regular Drivers – It’s true you can lend your car to anyone, but be warned you are also lending your car insurance. One off situations where a friend needs your car for a day are fine. Make sure everyone has a valid driver’s licence before your lend your car because any accidents they have will affect your insurance rates. However, when there is a regular driver of the car and you have not informed your insurance company you could see your claim being denied. This happens frequently as parents of underage drivers ...

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Fall 2017 Erb and Erb Insurance Bulletin

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THE TIME IS FINALLY HERE! Erb and Erb will be closed on November 10, 2017 to move to our new location at 818 Victoria St. N. Kitchener. (Victoria St. near Bruce St.) We're joining our sister organization Lackner McLennan, who'll already be there. All of our staff will be ready on November 13th at the new location to help you with your insurance needs. Read more about our move here. SCARED OF NOT HITTING YOUR RETIREMENT GOALS? STAY CALM. With all the doom a gl ...

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How to Protect Your Business or Home After Fire and Smoke Damage

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No one wants to think about their business suffering a fire. But, it does happen. And, where there’s fire, there’s always smoke. Smoke contains many toxic and corrosive chemicals compounds. Smoke from a commercial building fire can be worse depending on the type of business conducted on the premises. So, what should you do and what shouldn’t you do after a fire? Read below to get some tips on how to deal with fire and smoke damage in your business or your home. The first thing you want to do so minimize further damage to your home or business. Try to limit movement in the home or business. The idea is to prevent soot particles from being embedded into upholstery and carpets. Take pictures of all the damaged areas of your business or home and make a list of all damaged items. It is important to document everything so it’s easier to replace when you make an insurance claim. Change your furnace filter regularly and as soon after the all clear is given to re-enter the ...

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New Government Bill Regulates Home Inspectors

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This past April (2017) the Provincial Government of Ontario passed the Putting Consumers First Act. This new law will impose new rules on Home Inspectors and Home Inspections. Traditionally, home inspectors were not subject to provincial regulation, which meant there was no governing body overseeing inspectors and the quality of their work. Most home inspectors work hard at their jobs, making sure new home buyers are aware of any deficiencies in their new home-to-be such as roofing, heating, foundations, structure, wiring, and plumbing to name a few. However, some inspectors did not put the required effort into their inspections. This meant important problems could be at best missed or, at worst, ignored. There was no one to whom a new homeowner could complain. That all changes with the Putting Consumers First Act. This new law: Adds requirements for education, experience and examinations for licensing Home Inspectors. Provides a code of ethics for all licensed home inspectors. Home insp ...

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We Are Moving!

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Yes it’s true. Erb and Erb and Lackner McLennan are moving in together at a new location. We expect to be up and running by the Fall of 2017. We are really excited. Currently, our new landlord is working on our new location and getting it ready for us. That includes a complete renovation of the interior to provide ample space for our growing organization in a modern industrial office setting, renovating the exterior so that it reflects our office setting, and paving the parking lot so there is room for staff and clients alike. Our new location will be 818 Victoria St. the former Ball Construction building just off of Bruce St. in Kitchener. This is what the building looks like right now: With the renovations the new building will look like this artist’s conception: Our new location is centrally located in Kitchener and is close to both the Waterloo Region’s expressway and to highway 7 to Guelph. When all the construction is complete Bruce St. will continue north and connect with W ...

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Summer 2017 ProvERB Insurance Bulletin

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The Quarterly ProvERB - Summer 2017 We're Moving! Yes, it's true. Erb and Erb and Lackner McLennan are moving together to a new location. We'll be better able to serve your needs. Visit here to learn more...   New Government Bill Regulates Home Inspectors Having the home inspection industry ...

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Do You Know Your Condo Insurance?

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With condos increasingly viewed as a viable alternative to single detached homes it's necessary to understand the particular quirks of condo insurance. Like a Tenant's Policy Like a tenant's policy you'll need an idea of the "Replacement Value" of all your possessions; including clothing, furniture, linens and bedding, electronics, pots and pans, dishes, glasses and cutlery, the food in the fridge and freezer and pantry, beer and liquor and including all the appliances; everything. In estimating the "Replacement Value" of everything, please use "full price" rather than "sale price". Why? Because after a fire you'll want to replace everything as quickly as possible. Not Like a Tenant's or Homeowner's Policy Unlike a tenant's or homeowner's insurance policy Condos have standard unit definitions. The standard unit defines what is considered the responsibility of the condo unit owner to insure and what the condo corporation is to protect. The condo corporation is responsible for insuring all the c ...

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