Winter 2015 ProvERB Insurance Bulletin

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The Quarterly ProvERB - Winter 2015

To Claim or Not to Claim?

We've all experienced issues regarding damage to our business or personal property. But, when insurance is involved, when should you make a claim? When shouldn't you? We have a lot of expertise in guiding clients through the claim process..

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Tips to Save Energy This Winter

There's a lot of ways your home or business wastes energy. Take a look at these suggestions to help your business or home reduce the costs of energy - both heating and electrical.

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Investment Portfolios - How do YOU define Risk?

A common question of investors is 'How much risk should I take?' The answer, as Mike Onotsky explains, depends a lot on what your priorities are and what your personal tolerance to risk is.

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Pay Down Debt or Invest More?

Insurance Term Quick Quiz

Congrats to Mark V. of Ottawa who correctly answered our last ProvERB question - True; Water claims are the number one claim in Canada.

Now, click the link below, fill out the contact form, and send us your answer to the true or false question below to be entered for a chance to win a $100 Bon-Appetite gift card. We'll pick a winner in January.

True or False - If your parked car is damaged in a hit and run accident, you must have collision coverage to have insurance pay for the repairs.

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Referral Contest Winner Q3 2015

Meet the latest winner of our quarterly Referral Contest. Thank you to everyone who refers clients to us. We appreciate your confidence.

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