Thinking About Driving Without Car Insurance? Prepare Your Wallet.

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Some decisions are the spur of the moment kind like buying chocolates at the grocery store when all you went for was milk. These kinds of decisions, despite a diet horror, pose little threat to those around.

Other knee jerk decisions like “I’m going to run this red light” or “I’m not paying for car insurance anymore” have the potential to adversely affect the rest of your life and the lives of your family and others around you.

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In Ontario we all know car insurance is mandatory. It’s required. The premise is to protect innocent third parties in the event of a car accident. Insurance, as has been mentioned countless times before, is the pooling of the funds of the many to help the few in times of claims. When motorists opt not to pay for car insurance, yet still drive, it makes insurance more expensive for everyone else. Don’t think so? For a start look at your uninsured motorist charge on your insurance policy.

Police are Charging More People for Driving Without Insurance.

Why? Are there more people driving without insurance? Not exactly. A new system called Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) allows police to scan licence plates and advises them whether there is insurance in place for the vehicle, if there is a suspended driver operating the vehicle, or if the licence plate renewal hasn’t been paid.

The ALPR system lets police scan hundreds of licence plates each day and therefore is a far more effective at catching uninsured drivers. Currently, the Ontario Provincial Police have been using this technology for the last few years. This past September the Ottawa Police Department also started using the technology.

As more police departments start using ALPR it will be more likely that a person who drives without insurance, or drives while their driver’s licence is suspended, will be caught. It’s a matter of when, not if.

Get Caught Driving Without Insurance and You’ll Find a Hefty Bill Coming Your Way

Being convicted the first time for driving without insurance means a $5,000 plus a 20% victim surcharge. A second conviction and you could see your fines increase up to $25,000. Not to mention any other charges that may stem from your operation of a vehicle.

Cause an Accident While Driving Without Insurance…

You could find yourself at the wrong end of lawsuit, especially if you’ve caused significant injury to another motorist. In simple car accidents, minor fender benders, costs can quickly creep up into the $1,000’s. In a car accident where someone is seriously injured you could see costs climb into the millions of dollars. If you’ve caused an accident and don’t have insurance you will be forced to pay out any settlement levied against you.

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Accidents can happen to anyone. Protect yourself and your family by ensuring you have the correct car insurance for your needs.

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