Why Detailing Your Vacation is an Open Invitation

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You’ve planned months for your getaway vacation. You’re going somewhere sunny where the water is warm and there’s sandy beaches everywhere. You’ve got your travel insurance ready. You have your passports ready. Everything is going smoothly.

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The new digital check-in features of the airline make boarding a cinch. And you decide to start a picture diary of your adventure. Pictures of the inside of the plane, pictures of your family, pictures of your food.

The mistake is when you post those pictures to your Facebook account or your twitter account or Tumblr, Instagram or any other of the myriad of social media programs out there today. Why? Now you’ve alerted your social media contacts that you’re not at home. Likely, these contacts are your friends and they’re good people. But, if they like or comment on your posts then their connections can see their activity and so on.

Thieves are like water, looking to move through the path of least resistance. And if they find you are away from your home and have time to prepare they will strike. While it’s not a certainty that if you post your trip status in real time you'll be robbed, it’s still best not to advertise your trip.

Be Careful What You Post, Even When You Are at Home

As a general rule, when posting on your social media account don’t divulge personal information. If you find yourself the target of identity thieves anything they can find out about you could be used.

Using Social media is great for connecting with friends and family especially if they live far away. Instant messaging is a wonderful way to keep in touch. Just be aware of what you are posting.

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