New Government Bill Regulates Home Inspectors

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This past April (2017) the Provincial Government of Ontario passed the Putting Consumers First Act. This new law will impose new rules on Home Inspectors and Home Inspections.

Traditionally, home inspectors were not subject to provincial regulation, which meant there was no governing body overseeing inspectors and the quality of their work. Most home inspectors work hard at their jobs, making sure new home buyers are aware of any deficiencies in their new home-to-be such as roofing, heating, foundations, structure, wiring, and plumbing to name a few.

However, some inspectors did not put the required effort into their inspections. This meant important problems could be at best missed or, at worst, ignored. There was no one to whom a new homeowner could complain.

That all changes with the Putting Consumers First Act. This new law:

  • Adds requirements for education, experience and examinations for licensing Home Inspectors.
  • Provides a code of ethics for all licensed home inspectors.
  • Home inspection reports will have technical standards and will be standardized to make it easier for homeowners to read and understand.
  • Outlines what is required to be inspected in the standard home inspection report.

Going forward if you require the services of a Home Inspector look for one that is fully licensed, fully insured and has the experience to provide a report that you can actually understand and rely on.

Having a home inspection that covers everything about your home is critically important for your home insurance purposes. Imagine the scenario where you hired a home inspector who inspected your new home and gave it a positive grade. You buy the home, only to realize there are issues with the roof, or the wiring is dated and now your insurance company needs those to be updated in order to continue to cover your home.

Or worse, what if the inspector missed critical structural issues, which have to be corrected before you can even move in and are NOT covered by your home insurance. You don’t want to be left with someone else’s mistakes or problems.

Having new rules, regulations, and licensing requirements for the home inspection industry in Ontario is a good step to protecting consumers and is supported by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI).

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