How to Protect Your Business or Home After Fire and Smoke Damage

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After a Fire

No one wants to think about their business suffering a fire. But, it does happen. And, where there’s fire, there’s always smoke.

Smoke contains many toxic and corrosive chemicals compounds. Smoke from a commercial building fire can be worse depending on the type of business conducted on the premises. So, what should you do and what shouldn’t you do after a fire? Read below to get some tips on how to deal with fire and smoke damage in your business or your home.

The first thing you want to do so minimize further damage to your home or business.

  • Try to limit movement in the home or business. The idea is to prevent soot particles from being embedded into upholstery and carpets.
  • Take pictures of all the damaged areas of your business or home and make a list of all damaged items. It is important to document everything so it’s easier to replace when you make an insurance claim.
  • Change your furnace filter regularly and as soon after the all clear is given to re-enter the building as you can.
  • It’s best to hire a company specializing in home restoration after a fire. They can deal with any water issues (caused from fighting the fire) and work on smoke damage.
  • Don’t try to clean the smoke damaged walls or floors yourself, because using the wrong cleaning materiel can make things worse. Leave that cleaning to the professionals.
  • Throw out any food containers that were near the fire.
  • Don’t attempt to use any electrical/electronic devices that have been exposed to smoke and fire until they have been checked and, if necessary, cleaned.

Call your insurance broker. Your broker knows which home restoration businesses your insurance company relies on and which ones can best deal with your fire and smoke damaged premises. With the many technical advancements in home and business restoration in recent years you could find your home or business back to normal in less time than you think.

The key to a quick restoration after a fire loss is getting help as quickly as possible.

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  1. Deb Pearl's avatar Deb Pearl
    Thank you for all the tips of what to do after fire and smoke damage. We had a small fire happen in our breakroom, and we have been wondering what we need to do. I'm glad you said to not clean the smoke damage off the walls and floors ourselves. We will have to make sure we hire professionals.
    Reply 2018-04-24 9:50 AM
    • Albert Schmidt's avatar Albert Schmidt
      Hi Deb,

      I hope everything is working out for your restoration. Thanks for your comment.
      Reply 2018-04-26 6:51 AM

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