Pet Ownership and Your Home and Auto Insurance

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A lot of people have pets. Pets are almost as diverse as people. But, have you ever realised how owning a pet such as a dog or cat could affect your insurance? Most pets are loving and well treated and pose no danger to society, either to their owners or other people.

However, sometimes there are incidents where either people, the pet, or both are hurt or injured. Let’s look at how owning a larger pet, such as a cat or a dog, could affect your car insurance.

Let’s Go for a Ride Rover!

Most dog owners will take their dogs in the car. Some interesting statistics out of the U.S. show that 80 % of dog owners drive with their dogs un-restrained. 60% of dog owners have driven while distracted by their pets as passengers.

In an accident situation where there is an unrestrained pet involved they could become a projectile, hurting themselves or others in the vehicle. And if your pet is hurt in a car accident, there is no insurance coverage for their injuries. A person cannot make a claim for pet injuries if you are at fault.

There are a few laws in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, which you could be charged with if you have a dog or cat that’s not secured in your car. They are:

Careless Driving – If you hold on to your animal while you drive or have it sit on your lap that’s cause for a Careless Driving ticket. Careless Driving is a major conviction on your record and your insurance will go up drastically.

Distracted Driving – Reaching over to pet your dog, or constantly checking on your car while you drive could result in a Distracted Driving charge. These now come with a fine of almost $500.

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Taking Rover for a Walk

Your home insurance carries coverage called liability. This protects you from lawsuits arising out of a person’s injuries on your property. Pets are your property too, regardless of how much you think of them as family. Letting your dog run free is nice, but what if it bites someone else?

We read about dog attacks all the time. While they are rare and typically the result of certain breeds of dog they do happen. When a person’s dog bites another person and injures them that could lead to a lawsuit. Insurance is there to defend you in such an event.

However, some insurance companies want to know the type of dog you have. In some rare instances home insurance companies may not want to offer coverage.

Be Responsible With Your Pet

Regardless of the kind of pet you have is important to understand your responsibilities whether riding in a car or walking around your neighbourhood. Understanding what could happen will help you take care and protect you, your pet and your neighbours from harm.

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