Summertime Safety

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We are fast approaching the real beginning of summer, that day when school is done and kids are set free for two months.  Kids are a naturally inquisitive lot and they get into things that sometimes they shouldn’t or at the very least WHEN they shouldn’t.  Everyone loves summertime and here are some things to consider as summer vacation hits so we can all have a safe summer.



Pools are a great way to stay cool in summer.  Did you know that every year at least 350 Canadians drown?  Make sure you have your life saving equipment checked and ready and that your first aid training is renewed.  Having proper and safe fencing around your pool is required by Ontario law.  When children are swimming they need to be monitored and supervised around pools and water in general (bathtubs, beaches, boats), especially if they are very young. However, adult males aged 18 to 49 have the highest drowning rates in Canada.  Act responsibly around water, it could save your life. 

If you have a pool at home look at your homeowners insurance policy and see how much liability coverage you have.  We highly recommend at least $2 million worth of liability coverage.  While nobody wants to think of the worst, sometimes it does happen.  Make sure you’re prepared and protected.  In fact, according the World Health Organization the annual cost of drowning injury in Canada is $173 million (U.S. dollars).

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What says summertime more than bikes (other than pools)?  Kids take to bikes and can ride them all day, or so it seems.   However, they may not be aware of the rules of the road.  As drivers we need to be aware and more alert for anyone riding their bike.  According to the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report 2010, 3,268 bicyclists (of all age groups) were injured in traffic accidents and 47% of them were deemed to have been driving properly at the time of the accident. 

A great way to ensure everyone arrives at their destination uninjured is for car drivers to slow down on residential streets and move over for cyclists.  While both cyclists and drivers must obey the rules of the road, extra onus should be on drivers.  After all, they’re driving bigger, faster, and heavier vehicles.  Let’s have a safe biking season.



Many families have purchased trampolines in the past few years, because who doesn’t like to jump and have fun?    From an insurance perspective though, trampolines are considered a liability hazard.  So, to reduce your liability exposure and still have fun, what should be done?  There are many different makes and models of trampolines to choose from today, so choose one that has a surrounding net to prevent children from falling off the trampoline.  Safety pads should cover all portions of the steel frame.  Only one person at a time should use a trampoline. 

What’s the number one safety feature for trampoline owners?  Adult supervision.  The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) sees more than 50 patients each year with trampoline-related injuries.  According to CHEO’s very informative article about trampolines the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that trampolines should not be used in the home environment.  If you decide on getting a trampoline know the risks and be safe.

Any comments or questions?  Anything we’ve missed?  Please let us know below.  Want a home insurance quote?  Check out our home insurance page.

 Have a wonderful and safe Summer! 


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