Life Planning and What You Want for the Future

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Life Planning by Financial Advisor Tom Kaufman, BA, MBA.

To a greater or lesser degree we all plan.  Whether it be planning a “To Do” list for tomorrow, the purchase of a new car, motorcycle, boat, home or cottage or your retirement activities, we all plan.  Looked at one by one, these plans can seem separate, independent and not really related.  If however, we step back and take a look at the whole picture, each of these plans is part of what can be called our life plan.  

Sometimes without our realizing it, life becomes more complex and all the plans we have made suddenly mesh together:  they have become our life plan and that plan can be pretty complex.  We begin to wonder if there may be opportunities to simplify our lives and perhaps reduce our stress levels:  but how to accomplish that; who to turn to?  Having trusted advisors to turn to for advice, input and implementation is acknowledged by many as being the best approach.  

Sometimes there seems to be a never ending assortment of advisors…advisors for this and advisors for that with each claiming expertise in their specific area.  While there are no doubt many who can address your needs in a specific area, there is something to be said for working with a single firm that can address more than one of your needs.  This approach allows you to feel confident that where your personal and business needs overlap and intersect there is no duplication. 

Your property insurance, life insurance and investment needs are assessed and addressed by experts who are devoted to providing the best solutions for your specific needs. Perhaps most importantly, you know that one phone call can connect you to experts in several fields who have one goal in common; protecting what you want protected the most.

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