Don't Let the Spring Thaw Into Your Home

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We’ve had a couple days of nice weather!  Spring is around the corner, and with spring comes a lot of melt water.  You might not want to think about it, but statistically speaking we get 30% of our yearly snowfall after March 1st!  Here are some steps you can take to minimize any water damage to your home:

1. Clear as much snow as you can away from your house, windows and doors. And shovel in such a way as to channel run-off away from basement windows. This will reduce the risk of rain water and melt water combining and flooding your basement. This means shoveling your decks too so that sliding doors are free from snow build up.

2. With spring comes rain.  As the rain hits the snow it becomes compacted and hard and a sudden drop in temperature could mean a lot of ice. Have an ice-breaking tool and lots of salt handy. Remember, if someone slips on your part of the sidewalk you could be liable for their injuries.

3. Check your downspouts and eaves and free them of any ice or other obstruction. You definitely want them to be able to drain the water collecting on your roof.  Ice Damming is when water accumulates under your shingles and then freezes. This could lead to water leaking into the ceilings and walls of your home.

4. If you have a sump pump, make sure it is running effectively.  You might wish to have a back-up sump pump in case the first one fails during particularly heavy rains.  Another consideration would be having a back-up power generator.

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5. Check any basement windows and window wells with a view to clear any debris that has collected during the winter.  Debris build up could cause water to leak into your basement through the window itself.  This type of flooding is not covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies.

6.  Be sure to check out your local water authority for updates about flooding and water levels.  Keep an eye on children and pets to keep them safe around bodies of water that are unsafe due to high water levels and cold temperatures. Hypothermia comes on quickly. Locally, the Grand River Conservation Authority posts updates about flooding issues in the Grand River Region.  Visit them here


Insurance claims due to water damage exceed all others today.  At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. we offer many options to help you protect your home and belongings from water damage.  If you’d like a quote on your home insurance visit here.

We’d love to hear your tips for avoiding winter basement flooding. Share them below.

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