Summer 2014 Newsletter

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The Quarterly ProvERB - Summer 2014

Your Home and the Peril of Water
Water claims have overtaken all other causes as the number one reason for damage and insurance claims in Canada.  Older infrastructure and increasing population density and storms all bring great water troubles.
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Having a Party? Invite Insurance
With summer comes golf tournaments, bbqs, stag and doe's and many other festivities.  Are you planning a house party or a reception?  Here are some tips about liability around serving alcohol from Lars Rittmann, commercial insurance expert.
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The Future of Insurance: By Peril
There's one constant in insurance, and that is change.  Insurance companies continually examine and re-examine their business to understand the changing nature of property risks.  Learn about the new trend of By Peril underwriting.
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Insurance Term Quick Quiz
Click the link below and send us your answer to multiple choice question below to be entered for a chance to win a $25 Bon-Appetite gift card.

In Insurance, what is the most important meaning of the word "Title"?
a) The heading of a policy or application
b) Job description of an employee
c) The right or claim to the ownership of property

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Referral Contest Winners Q1 2014
Meet the latest winners of our quarterly Referral Contest. Thank you to everyone who refers clients to us. We appreciate your confidence.

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