Fall 2014 Newsletter

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The Quarterly ProvERB - Fall 2014

Your Best Rainy Day Protection
Is $1 Million worth of liability coverage enough? That’s the question many people are asking us.  Increasingly the answer is no.  Read more about Umbrella Liability Insurance.
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Insuring the Big One - Your Mortgage
Are banks the best place to buy insurance designed to protect your mortgage?  Find out about a more economical option to protect your biggest investment.
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The Future of Insurance: Fighting Fraud
We hear a lot about insurance fraud and how it costs the insurance industry in Ontario $1.6 Billion annually.  Here's what the industry and government are doing to help fight fraud.
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Insurance Term Quick Quiz

Congratulations to DeeDee M. who correctly got last newsletter question right.

Click the link below and send us your answer to multiple choice question below to be entered for a chance to win a $25 Bon-Appetite gift card.

In Insurance, what does "pro-rate" imply?
a) To insure professional drivers at a reduced rate
b) To charge a specific amount based on what was used
c) To obtain insurance through a professional association

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Referral Contest Winners Q2 2014
Meet the latest winners of our quarterly Referral Contest. Thank you to everyone who refers clients to us. We appreciate your confidence.

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