Buying a Used Car? Don't Buy Used Problems Too

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You’ve been looking for a little while and finally you see the perfect car for your needs.  The price is good, the car’s not too old, the odometer is low and it looks to be in great condition. Your excitement builds as you can picture yourself in the car, cruising. Appears to be a simple, private transaction.  But is it?  Here are 6 tips you should think about before your buy that used car.

1. Once you’ve determined what car you are looking to buy you should get a used car report.  This report, offered by, provides a lot of valuable information around such things as accidents or damage, any existing liens on the vehicle, where the car is registered, what the stolen status is and if there’s any U.S. history for the vehicle in question.  Why does any of that matter? You should know if the car has been repaired properly or not.  You should know if there is an existing lien on the car because if there is, you may find yourself paying for that loan as well.  And finally, knowing if there is any U.S. activity may help you determine if it’s a flood car.  This article goes into the many reasons why a flooded car is not a good buy.

2. Have your trusted mechanic look over the vehicle to make sure there’s nothing seriously wrong with the car.  Even if there is and you still wish to purchase the vehicle at least you’ll be buying with eyes wide open.

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3. If you’re doing a private deal you should ask for the vendors identification and get a copy of it.  Why?  This way you can make sure the vendor ID matches the vehicle’s registration. You do not want to be purchasing a stolen vehicle because you could find yourself out of a car and your money.

4. Take the car for a test drive.  Beauty, as they say, is only skin deep and the same holds true for a used car.  It may look fantastic, but it may drive terribly. 


5. You should also do some initial research on the vehicle to see what you can expect in terms of fuel economy, how long the particular make and model will last, and what kind of costs are associated with repair work. There are a lot of great sites that provide excellent information on used cars.

6. Finally, call your broker and get an auto insurance quote BEFORE you purchase your used car.  Some cars or motorcycles may be incredibly inexpensive to buy but are expensive to insure.

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Use these tips when purchasing any motor vehicle, atv, motorcycle, motor home, or truck.  A little bit of research before a purchase just may save you a lot of hassle, and money, after the purchase.

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Have any suggestions for buying a used car?  Please let us know below.  We love to read your comments.

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