Need to Keep Better Track of Your Commercial Auto Fleet? Think fleetadvisor

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Figuring new ways to help your business save money is a full time job in itself. One of the biggest costs of any company is its fleet of vehicles. Maintenance is an ongoing project, especially if you have a big fleet of cars and trucks. Having competent drivers also helps too, because the better your drivers are the less likely they’ll get into accidents. Getting control of gas consumption is imperative. Even small changes can add up to huge savings across an entire fleet. With fleetadvisor you can monitor all these things and more.

What is fleetadvisor?

Fleetadvisor is a complete fleet tracking application that allows real time monitoring of your company vehicles. With custom reports and limits you can determine what’s important for your company. With fleetadvisor you can track all your vehicles through an easy and secure web based management system. How? By installing a usage based device into each of your vehicles’ on-board diagnostics (OBD) port fleetadvisor can track that vehicle.

What can fleetadvisor track?

Vehicle Performance – With real-time data collection you can determine the fuel efficiency of each vehicle. Are your drivers idling the vehicle for long periods of time? You can now track that and make changes to your drivers habits. As well you can track and monitor the vehicle’s health through diagnostic reporting. That way you can make repairs sooner before a serious breakdown occurs.

GPS Tracking – A fleet manager can now see in an instant where all the company’s vehicles are located. As well a single vehicle can be tracked with ease on the fleetadvisor web program. If your vehicle is stolen fleetadvisor can be used for theft recovery.

Alerts – You can set up your company alerts to warn you when one of your vehicles is speeding, when the fleetadvisor device has been disconnected, or for scheduled maintenance. You will also be provided with real-time crash detection alerts and notifications. That way, when an accident happens, you can respond quicker to ensure clients still get your services with as little interruption as possible.

Driver Performance – With driver scoring based on speeding, breaking, acceleration, urban driving and night driving you can quickly see which drivers are driving safer and with more care. Use the driver performance metrics to help rehabilitate your worst drivers. Safer drivers means less accidents and less accidents means better insurance rates and premiums.

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Geo-Fencing – You can create geographic boundaries for your fleet. Don’t want your vehicles going outside of a certain territory? Now you can get alerts for that situation.

With all the reporting tools available through fleetadvisor companies can now control operational costs better than ever before.

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