Toronto Landlord Insurance

Coverage That's Second To None!

As an apartment building owner you are very busy. Maintenance, tenant complaints, renovations for new tenants, background checks for potential new tenants - there's a lot on your plate. Sometimes insurance takes a back seat. Do you have coverage to protect both your property and your income if a sudden fire or burst pipe causes havoc? Do you have the proper options on your Toronto apartment owner insurance policy?

We Will Tailor Your Landlord Insurance To Your Situation

A commercial insurance expert at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will take the time to understand the particulars of your business. Your building, your equipment, and your staff are all taken into consideration when we work on your Rental Property Insurance package.

  • Do you need business equipment coverage? Things like boilers and machinery that heat your building need special and unique coverage.
  • Do you want rental income protection? What if a fire forces all your tenants out while your building is repaired? That would be a huge hit on your bottom line.
  • Do you have protection for common slip and falls? Premises liability protects you from injury claims due accidents as a result of your building, business, property or employees. The number one liability claim? Slip and falls.
  • Do you know what changes to Toronto by-law or building code that could affect any kind of building repairs? Ontario building code changes constantly and By-laws are reviewed and changed from year to year. Having by-law coverage means that any costs to comply with new by-laws during repairs for a claim will be covered.

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Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. has helped clients all over Ontario, from Kitchener, Waterloo to Ottawa and Vancouver get their apartment building protected - efficiently, economically, and effectively - since 1919!

Don't wait for an accident or a sudden fire or flood to find out your insurance protection is not what it needs to be! Get your free Rental Property Insurance quote today by calling or filling out our quote form above!