Waterloo Landlord Insurance

Build Your Rental Property Insurance on Solid Foundations

Waterloo is a university town and it's booming! Construction on new student high rise apartments are starting every month. It's exciting and tiring. But, you already know this, you're a landlord with a lot on your plate; background checks on new tenants, maintenance issues, tenant complaints, renovations and more.

With all those management duties sometimes insurance takes a back seat except when something happens. A person slips and falls down a flight of stairs and sues. A tenant accidentally starts a fire and causes damage to adjoining units. In the midst of a cold snap a heavily relied upon boiler fails and you're left scrambling to recover.

Does your Landlord Insurance policy have all the coverages you need to protect against these, and other, types of risks?

Coverage Built to Suit Your Needs

Every building has some unique features and every landlord has unique requirements. At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd, our Commercial Insurance experts take the time to get to know you, your business, and your priorities. Why? How else can you get an Apartment Owners Insurance policy that will protect your business the way it should be protected.

You need Rental Property Insurance that can protect you from a wide range of risks. There's nothing worse than thinking you're protected only to find out there's some gap in coverage that you didn't know anything about.

With an insurance expert from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd, you'll be advised about what options you have available, what they protect, and what they cost. That way you can make informed decisions as to what coverage you want.

Get the Coverage You Need

With a Waterloo Tenant Building Insurance policy through Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. you can build your insurance package from many different coverages for such events as:

Severe Weather - When a natural disaster occurs, such as heavy rains and high winds, you could find your building damaged. A sound Landlord Insurance policy will provide funds to help rebuild, renovate and restore your building.

Accidents - No one wants to think about someone getting hurt while on their property, but slip and falls happen all the time and severe injuries could result in a lawsuit. Having proper liability coverage in place will ensure your defense costs are taken care of and any fines, penalties, court awards levied against you are covered up to your liability limit.

Loss of Income - What happens when an accidental fire destroys several of your units? You have to close those units down while they are repaired. That means you can't collect rent because those units are unlivable. Having Loss of Income coverage means you will still get money during the time the units are repaired.

Ever Changing By-Laws - Municipal bylaws are constantly being reviewed, updated, and changed. They can also vary greatly from one city to the next. Imagine having to rebuild your building because the worst case happens; a fire burns it down. Now imagine you can't rebuild it without first complying with costly by-law coverage. With by-law protection you have coverage for extra costs incurred complying with by-laws.

There are many other Rental Property Insurance coverages and protections you can build into your Waterloo apartment building insurance policy.

Don't Wait for a Claim to Bite Into Your Bottom Line. Get Protected Today!

It's very easy to get a second opinion on your Tenant Building Insurance needs. Simply fill out the quote form above or call 800.265.2634 and a commercial insurance expert will guide you every step of the way.

Have questions about insurance coverage? We have answers. We're here to listen to your needs and make recommendations to protect you, your business, and your tenants. Call today.