Ontario Commercial Liability Insurance

Great Liability Protection For You, Your Business, Employees And Customers

You are very busy running your own business. Through years of work you and your employees have built up a reputation for professionalism, courtesy and customer service. Your customers trust you and provide you with repeat business. Life is good.

Each day brings you some new twist. Perhaps a new employee is being trained. Perhaps a customer is unhappy with the service or product you've sold. Perhaps there are opportunities to expand your company into another city or to provide other products.

Sometimes, because business owners are so busy with the day to day duties of running their business they neglect to think about their Commercial Liability Insurance.

What if that new employee did something that caused damage to one of your clients? Or worse, resulted in a customer getting hurt? Do you have the right Business Liability Insurance, with the correct limits, to survive the fallout from a customer lawsuit? Perhaps you did have the proper insurance, but you've grown and need new options.

Either way, a Commercial Insurance expert at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. can help you through your questions and concerns.

Why Would I Need Ontario Commercial Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance provides protection in case your company is deemed negligent to the point of causing injury or property damage to a third party. These are some examples of how lawsuits can be brought against your business and that a Business Liability Insurance policy can protect against:

  • Injury - Sometimes the most innocent of accidents can result in a lawsuit. The most common kinds of injury claims for businesses are slip and falls.
  • Medical expenses - Injuries can sometimes be is serious enough to require ongoing rehabilitation, which can cost a lot of number.
  • Property damage or loss - Damage to another person's, or another company's, property as a result of your business operations can bring a lawsuit.
  • Personal Injury - This kind of lawsuit typically stems from a libel or slander accusation.

Commercial Liability Insurance also covers the costs of legal fees, including court costs and the resulting award, if any is made. Imagine the peace of mind you gain by not having to worry about the attorney costs as the liability case grinds on.

Getting the Right Coverage, In The Right Amount, For The Right Price

At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. our commercial insurance experts will learn about your business, your strengths and your risks. It's the only way we can provide an insurance policy that fits your situation and that will protect your business in the event of a claim.

There may be other insurance products appropriate for your business such as professional liability, commercial auto insurance, commercial property insurance or more.

In today's litigious world, your business is in constant risk of a lawsuit. Even if the claim is unwarranted, the stress and the cost of the legal process can be enough to ruin some businesses. That's where having a Business Liability Insurance policy will protect your business.

Don't Wait For A Claim To Strike Your Company To Learn You Don't Have Proper Insurance

It's easy to understand what options are available for your Ontario commercial liability protection. Simply call 800.265.2634 or fill in the quote form above and one of our commercial insurance experts will guide you through all the details and options so you can make informed decisions that fit best with your business.

See what Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. can do for your business, easily, efficiently, and affordably.