Toronto Commercial Property Insurance

Insurance That Fortifies Your Commercial Business

Running a business in today's fast paced economic climate means being able to respond to your customers' needs quickly and efficiently. But that's only one aspect of your business - there's payroll, staff, inventory, business relationships, taxes and of course insurance.

There are many ways an accident can affect your bottom line. A slip and fall accident could bring a lawsuit. A burst pipe could damage precious inventory. A boiler could malfunction leaving your business without heat.

That's why having the best Commercial Property Insurance from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a must. Our Commercial Insurance Experts take the time needed to understand your business - its liabilities and risks, its operations, its sales, its plans for growth. Knowing all these important facets of your business means we can tailor your Business Property Insurance to fit your business needs.

Get the Right Protection For Your Business

Different kinds of businesses will need different kinds of coverages to deal with the risks their particular industry are exposed to. Some business will require specialized coverage while others may need more general protection. Either way, Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will ensure there are no gaps in your Toronto Commercial Property Insurance package.

In addition to the regular insured perils such as fire, lightning strike, flood, explosions, vandalism and theft etc there are more specialized insurance policies that can be added, or endorsed, to your policy. These can include:

  • Office equipment and supplies - Your business has furniture, computers and office supplies, which all have value and costs. We can provide coverage that will replace these items in the event of a fire or flood.
  • Inventory - Your business has a lot of products to sell. If a flood happens you will have protection that replaces any lost inventory.
  • Business records and documents - Increasingly businesses rely on their records. We can provide an addition to your Business Property Insurance that would help you recover your documents should the worst happen.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance - Does your business have detailed records on your customers? Things like addresses or even credit cards? The more customer data you store and keep the more damage could be done if those records are hacked or stolen. Click here for more information on Cyber Liability Insurance.
  • Equipment breakdown - Does your business rely on key equipment? Make sure you have the correct protection in case that equipment breaks down suddenly. Click here for more information on Equipment Breakdown Insurance.
  • Business interruption - What if a water main bursts and your business has to close until repairs are completed? With the many business interruption options available you can be assured that if such a catastrophe hits your company you would have coverage to weather that storm.

There are even more options with protection for professional and customer-related liability risks, product recall, key person insurance and even protection against the loss of key personnel to your business competitors. We can provide coverage for your business if you attend exhibitions or trade shows, have sales representatives, have property in transit, or have a peak season increase.

Don't Wait. Get The Right Insurance To Protect Your Business Property!

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Don't wait for a claim to happen to find out you company doesn't have the proper Toronto Business Property Insurance. Call Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. today!