Waterloo ON Commercial Property Insurance

Through determination and hard work your business is flourishing. Customers flock to your company's banners and you're feeling invincible. A sudden burst pipe in the winter can change all of that, especially if you don't have the proper Commercial Property Insurance.

That's just one example of how a profitable business could find its income suddenly stopped cold. While no one likes to think about what the worst case scenario could be, at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. that's our job. Would could happen to your business? What risks does your company need protection for?

Get the Business Property Insurance That Fits Your Waterloo Business

A commercial insurance expert at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will review your business premises to determine what risks your company is liable for. Once the risks are understood you'll be advised what the options are that best fit your business. Consider these different kinds of options your business might need for both its property and business contents.

With a Commercial Commercial Property Insurance policy through Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. you'll be prepared for the unexpected with options like:

Business Property Insurance - Your biggest expense and asset is your building or your unit. This insurance will protect your business's physical assets such as the building, your stock, your equipment such as computers and office supplies. This policy includes coverage against losses due to fire, theft, vandalism and any costs with repairing or rebuilding your property.

Income Replacement - What if you can't make any sales or services while your business is undergoing repairs due to a claim? Income replacement will cover your business for loss of business income in the event of a claim.

General Liability Insurance - What if your business is found legally liable for another person's injuries? What if your product, service or an accident on your premises caused harm to a visitor or customer? With commercial liability insurance you have the protection from lawsuits against your company. This includes defense costs. You have coverage for Bodily Injury, property damage, personal injury, medical payments and tenants legal liability if you rent or lease your office or work space.

Equipment Breakdown - What equipment does your Waterloo business use and rely on for its operations? Your printers, computers or other specialty machinery could breakdown when you most need it. Having Equipment Breakdown coverage gets your equipment back up and running so you can fulfil your customer's needs.

These are just some of the protections you receive through Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. Depending on the uniqueness of your business your policy could include many other kinds of coverages.

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