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Every business has some connection to the internet.  Some more so than others.  Some businesses sell their products online, some allow their clients access to their accounts through the web, and some don’t have any online presence at all, except in online phone books.

Imagine a business’s website is hacked and client data is stolen.  Imagine an office is robbed and paper files of client billing information is stolen.  Imagine a laptop with personal customer information is lost.  In 2013, there were 550 million identifying pieces of information stolen.  Target, Sony, and governments have all been hacked or had data stolen.  The average cost to business per stolen piece of data, is $145 US.  Imagine if your company had 5,000 client files stolen.  Could you afford a $725,000 settlement?

Every business owner must be aware of the potential for data breaches and cyber risk.  Every company should be proactive to avoid potential breaches.  However, because 59% of data breaches in 2013 were the result of human error and software glitches every business should have cyber liability insurance in case the worst happens.

With Our Data Breach Insurance You Get the Best Coverage Available

A commercial insurance expert from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will get to know your business and what risks and liabilities it has.  We can tailor a cyber risk liability policy that will offer great protection with such options as:

  • Coverage for unauthorized disclosure of personal client information – either through theft or loss.
  • Coverage for damage to your computer system resulting from denial of service attacks or viruses.
  • Coverage for notification costs to alert your customers of a breach and includes coverage for the costs of monitoring your clients’ credit.
  • Coverage for defence costs for any court proceedings arising out of privacy laws.
  • Coverage for business interruption due to a network breach.
  • Aid in determining size of breach, best practices, and support for organizing your media response.
  • Many more

Are you from an IT or high tech company?  We have special insurance for you too.  Click here for our IT Insurance Package offerings.

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