Cyber Insurance In Waterloo, Ontario

Protect Your Company From Liability Concerns With The Best Cyber Liability Insurance

Waterloo, Ontario is known the world over as a technology powerhouse with many tech companies and the University of Waterloo calling the city home. The region is home to many startups as well and attracts entrepreneurs from near and far. The rapid pace of change in the computer and technology industry is, at times, breathtaking. And with all that change comes danger.

Cyber attacks and cyber crime have become the most talked about issues in business today. We've all read about some of the biggest corporations around the world getting hacked. The problem is this issue isn't confined to large companies. Small companies, under 25 employees, are quickly becoming the targets of sophisticated hackers and cyber blackmailers.

Does your company have the Cyber Insurance it needs? At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. we have many options to help you protect your company in the event of a cyber attack.

Fortify Your Company's Defenses With Strong Waterloo Cyber Risk Insurance

With cyber crime on the rise your company needs to be aware of what the dangers are and of how a great policy can help keep your company from closing its doors. Our insurance Experts will review your business and provide many options to ensure your company is protected.

There are two parts to a powerful Cyber Liability Insurance policy. The first deals with coverage specifically for your company and the second part provides coverage for your clients when there is some kind of privacy breach.

The coverages for your company are there to help offset any costs and expenses your business incurs due to a cyber attack. Coverages such as:

  • Digital Asset Expenses - This coverage will provide funds to restore your digital files that have been corrupted by a network breach or a computer virus.
  • Incidental Response Expenses - This coverage will help cover the costs of notification expenses and public relations costs due to a privacy breach of your client data.
  • Cyber Extortion Expense - This covers expenses you paid in response to a threat of corruption of your business data by a hacker.
  • Business iInterruption - This covers income lost by your company while you are unable to use your computer networks due to a computer virus or network breach.

There are also coverages that protect you for liability for any inadvertent or accidental damage you cause to a third party's computer networks. Infecting another company's computer system with a virus or posting something you have no permission to post on your website or on social media could mean your company is liable for damages as well. Cyber Risk Insurance coverages include:

  • Network Security Liability - This covers your liability for accidentally introducing a virus to a third party computer network.
  • Internet Media Liability - Posting something online that causes damage to a third party means you'll need this coverage.
  • Regulatory Expenses - These expenses arise from civil fines incurred while your company responds to any regulatory requirements related to a network security breach or privacy breach.

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