Toronto Drone Insurance

UAV Insurance That Will Protect Your Business Drone Usage

In today's business environment where there's an opportunity to innovate entrepreneurs will rush to meet it. Now a particular opportunity is in the air; Drones. Drone usage is quickly coming to be a great asset for many businesses.

The uses for drones becomes more diverse and innovative with each passing day. Toronto photographers are using drones to film and photograph weddings and events. Building inspectors are using UAV's to inspect buildings and roofs in a safer way. News and traffic reports use drones to monitor traffic during rush hour. Drones could be used to provide wireless access to the internet. And now, York police are using drones to electronically map collisions and slash road-closure times. Transport Canada has great guidelines on business use unmanned aircraft for work or research. But, is your business protected properly with a Drone Insurance policy from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd?

Get a Toronto Unmanned Aircraft Insurance Policy that Protects Your Livelihood

If you have an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle then you need coverage that protects your commercial operations. Imagine if a drone which your employee operates loses power and falls into the windshield of a passing car. Do you have the liability coverage to ensure your business can continue operating? What if your drone is stolen? Some drones can cost up to $125,000, a considerable expense. Do you have the coverage to replace your drone?

We take the time to understand not only what your business is, but how your drone's fit within your business. Why? Because we don't like our clients having any kind of gap in their insurance protection. For your Toronto UAV Insurance we can offer you:

Liability for Drone Usage - We recommend having liability coverage of at least $1,000,000 to cover damage to third party property or for bodily injury as a result of an accident involving your drone operations. We have $2,000,000 limits as well depending on your requirements. Having adequate drone liability means if the worst case happens you have protection for you, your business and your employees.

Coverage for Drone Equipment - Whether you have 1 drone worth $2,500 or three drones worth $100,000 each they are an investment for your company. This means you should have the best coverage for your drones. We can provide protection so if a UAV is stolen, lost in a fire, or vandalized you can get it replaced.

Total Business Protection - A Toronto Drone Insurance policy is just one part of your overall business insurance package. While we can help with making sure you have a great policy we can definitely integrate it with your commercial general liability protection, business property, business pursuits or commercial auto insurance.

A commercial insurance expert at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will provide you with all the options and coverages your business needs to make sure it is fortified against an accident, a claim, or a catastrophe.

Don't Wait For a Claim to Find Out You Don't Have Coverage

It is easy to get a UAV Insurance from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. Just call 800-265-2634 or fill out the quote form above and a commercial insurance expert will be in touch to guide you through any questions you have.

Don't delay, call us today and get the coverage your business deserves.