Waterloo Drone Insurance

Straighten up and Fly Right with Great Waterloo Drone Insurance for Your Business

It's a beautiful, sunny day; perfect for your next video shoot. You pack your gear and head over to your client's property, which borders on the scenic Grand River. Everything is ready and you launch your drone into the blue sky. You're excited because the brilliant sunshine and clear air give you a chance to make your client look good.

Suddenly, a large bird hits your drone and you watch, helplessly, as it falls to the ground. What if your drone hit someone's car? Worse, what if your drone hits someone and causes substantial injury? Do you have the proper Kitchener UAV insurance to protect your business?

Those aren't questions business owners like to ask, but with the frequency and severity of lawsuits increasing in Canada, it's not a question business owners can afford to ignore.

Since UAV's are now being used more and more, not just by photographers and videographers, but by construction companies, municipalities, news companies, and many others it's vitally important to have the proper coverage.

How Can Waterloo UAV Insurance Protect Your Business?

A commercial insurance expert at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will guide you through all the options to help you maximize your protection with a tailored Waterloo Unmanned Air Vehicle Insurance policy. We take the time to understand your business, your risks and exposures, and your plans to walk you through each coverage available to you. This way you can make an informed decision for your commercial drone insurance needs.

Get the Right Waterloo UAV Insurance Policy at the Right Limits

There are many parts to a great drone insurance policy. Here are some of the protections you can get with a Waterloo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle insurance policy through Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd.:

Liability - Liability coverage for commercial drone usage is paramount for protecting your business. If an accident occurs as a result of your drone usage and causes damage to someone else's property or, worse, causes physical injury to another person you will be held liable for that incident. Because court awards are getting higher and higher we strongly recommend having at least $1 million in liability coverage to cover an accident arising out of your drone operations. If the worst happens and someone gets hurt you then have protection for your business and your employees.

Drone and Equipment Coverage - Some drones can cost a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars, while some drones can approach hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have the option to secure physical damage coverage whether you have an entry model or an expensive, top of the line drone. As an investment for your company you can protect it. We can offer coverage to help you replace your drone if your UAV is stolen, destroyed in a fire or vandalized. If you don't want physical damage coverage you can pass on it. The choice is yours.

Total Business Protection - Having a great Waterloo Unmanned Air Vehicle insurance policy is a first step. Many businesses have other aspects to their commercial operations that need protection as well: professional liability, general liability, commercial property, commercial auto, cyber risk, and others. We can examine your business pursuits, review your current protection and risks, and provide a commercial insurance package that will cover all aspects of your business.

Get the Right Waterloo Drone Insurance Before a Claim Happens

It's easy to get a quote for your Waterloo UAV insurance needs. Simply fill out the quote form above or call 800.265.2634 and a commercial insurance expert will help you understand all your options and help you make a knowledgeable decision about your commercial drone insurance requirements.

Don't wait until a claim happens to find out you're not covered. Contact us today.