Ontario Electrical Contractor Insurance

Solid Insurance Protection For Your Electrical Contracting Business

You take pride in your work and strive to complete your tasks as efficiently as possible. Even when you finish a job, there is plenty more work to be done. You may have tightened up the last wires and flipped the switch but the liability from your work goes on and on. That is why you need a great Ontario Electrical Contractor Insurance policy.

Your field is constantly changing, from new products and electrical techniques to new building codes and design fads. It takes a lot to keep up to date on all these changes. Added to them are licensing requirements and you've got your hands full.

There are so many things to keep track of, but what if one small step, somewhere was missed or forgotten? What if a fire destroyed a home or business and the cause was traced back to your work? No one likes to think their work could lead to damage or injury, but accidents do happen. Do you have a proper policy that will protect you, your employees, your business and your customers?

Electrician Insurance That Fits Your Needs

Some electricians are a sole proprietor business while others are larger, more complex organizations. Some electricians only do residential new builds, some only do commercial. Whether you have a group of electricians and work on large commercial construction sites or you are a single electrician who works privately for homeowners you need an appropriate electrician's insurance package.

If you are a sub-contracting electrician you should have your own Electrician's Policy as well. Why? If you are found negligent and your work causes damage that damage will usually be paid by the general Contractors Insurance company. But, that same insurance company would launch a lawsuit against you as the subcontractor responsible for the damages. Subcontractors really need their own insurance protection.

What Should You Expect From a First Rate Ontario Electrical Contractor Insurance Policy With Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers?

At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. a Commercial Insurance expert while take the time to learn about your unique business situation. Once we understand how you do business we can provide many options on how to protect your business. Options such as:

Property Damage - Sometimes a job can go wrong and results in damage to property. This covers you against any accidental damage your work causes at a job site.

Employers Liability - Employee actions can have serious effects on a business. This coverage provided protection from situations where your employee is held liable for damage.

Injury - Property damage is one thing, but when someone is hurt and you, or your work, has been found liable for the injury this could result in sizable fines and court awards. Not having adequate coverage in this kind of situation could bankrupt you and your company.

Risk Management - We help you understand where your business has exposure to risk. Knowing what risks your business has is vital to mitigating the chance of a loss or lawsuit.

Claim Counseling - When the worst happens and you're struck with a claim we will be there to help you through every step of the process from initial claims and restoration to the final inspection to get you back up and running.

Many More Options - Coverage for tools, equipment and supplies, coverage for your vehicles, business location and more help you protect your business from many different kinds of risks and exposures.

Don't Wait for a Fire or an Injury to Find You Don't Have the Proper Ontario Electrician Insurance!

Before you start your next major project get the peace of mind that an Electrician Insurance Policy from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. can provide.

It's easy to get an insurance estimate. Simply fill in the quote form above or call 800.265.2634 and a commercial insurance expert will guide you through the whole process.