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Technology Insurance that Shields Your IT Company

The world is changing rapidly. The creativity of the human mind combined with technological advances make for an exciting period in human history. Your high tech company is on the forefront of developing new applications and new technologies that alter the way we view and interact with each other and our world.

With that accelerating interaction comes loads of data, and unfortunately, danger. Keeping ahead of your competitors is one thing, but keeping ahead of hackers, cyber attacks and other issues around privacy and data storage is quite another. We know that in the fast paced world of technology and software development security sometimes comes secondary. But it shouldn't.

At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. we can provide you with the protection your high tech company needs. With our Tech Insurance we can tailor your insurance package to fit your business.

Waterloo IT Insurance Coverage Designed for Your Industry

Whether you are an established high tech company or a new software startup we have the Technology Insurance expertise to get your company protected quickly and efficiently. Here are just a few coverages you can expect with your Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. Tech Insurance package:

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance - This coverage is specifically tailored for technology based companies and services.
  • Network Security Coverage - This includes coverage for data theft, malicious code, denial of service attacks and unauthorized access.
  • Cyber Risk Coverage - With increasing online threats, especially to high tech companies, our insurance package can provide with you with data protection, network business interruption, and by endorsement cyber extortion.
  • Who's Covered? - Partners, subsidiaries, directors and officers, and employees all fall under the protection of this product. You can even add coverage for independent contractors for which your company is responsible.
  • Technology Product Coverage - Accidents and glitches can happen. That's why our Waterloo Technology Insurance Package covers failure of your products or goods when they fail to meet your level of quality.
  • Advertising and Multimedia Coverage - Your software company will get coverage for defamation, libel and product disparagement among others. This coverage is meant to provide coverage for infringement of copyright and much more!
  • Privacy Liability Endorsement - What if your software or computer product has a glitch that's exploited by hackers? This coverage aids you in a number of key areas: Notifications costs, regulatory defense and the option to have credit monitoring coverage for your customers.
  • More - There are many more coverages and options that can be made to fit your business operations.

As your business grows so too can your insurance protection. We know that technology today is a fast evolving industry and that's why we keep current with all the new risks and coverages that can affect your bottom line.

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