Life Advisor Insurance & Financial Planner Insurance

As a Life Advisor or Financial Planner, you protect your client's future, but who's protecting yours?

You may rent office space and require proof of insurance.  You may rent office equipment and need to ensure it is adequately protected.  In fact, if you run your Financial Planning / Life Advisor business from an office or out of your home you face many risks for which you may not have proper coverage. 

Our Life Advisor Insurance / Financial Planner Insurance program has been providing Life Advisors and Financial Planners the protection they need for over 10 years!

What if someone visited your office on business and slipped and fell?

With our Financial Planner Insurance you have coverage for bodily injury that occurs as a result of your business.

What if a fire started in your office and damaged your computer equipment or your landlord's building?

With our Life Advisor Insurance you have coverage for damage to your business property for damage to rented or leased premises.

You have coverage for the following as well:

Personal and Advertising Liability
  • Libel and Slander
  • Employer's Liability
  • Non-owned Automobiles
  • If you work out of your home, we offer you a commercial policy that provides protection from home or rented office space. The coverage extends to all employees who represent your business.
Remember, your Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage only protects you from financial losses, it does not protect you for bodily injury or property loss.

Don't wait until something happens that threatens your livelihood.

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