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Toronto Medical Marijuana Insurance

Great Toronto Cannabis Dispensary Insurance That Will Protect Your Business

You work hard to educate your clientele on all the different aspects of medical marijuana. After all, helping others make the best choices for their health is paramount to a successful marijuana dispensary. Staff product knowledge, selection and services are important to you and it shows in your online reviews.

You have all the latest test results for each marijuana variety so your clients can make informed decisions. You can help people who suffer from many different kinds of ailments. This is not an overnight success. It's taken years to get your business to where it is today. So what if the worst case were to happen? What if a fire destroys your business or a flood destroys your product?

Do you have the correct Toronto Marijuana Dispensary Insurance in place to protect your business in event the worst happens?

Erb and Erb Can Protect Your Herbs with First Class Toronto Medical Marijuana Producer Insurance

At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. a commercial insurance expert will take the time to understand your Cannabis store operations. Why? Knowing your business particulars means we can tailor your Toronto Medical Cannabis insurance policy with your business. That way we reduce any gaps in your protection so that if the worst happens you can get back on your feet quickly with as little disruption to your clients as possible.

Whether you're right in the heart of downtown Toronto or outside of the downtown core we can protect your business.

What Kind of Protection do I Get for My Toronto Medical Marijuana Producer Insurance?

Our Toronto Cannabis Dispensary Insurance policy is designed to provide coverage to protect you, your employees and your business from many different risks and situations. With your policy you get:

Commercial Property: Do you have office furniture? Computers? Tools? Stock? Commercial property insurance provides coverage for your commercial contents. From seedling to final product waiting for shipment we protect your stock. This coverage provides replacement for business property that's as a result of accidental fire, water, theft, vandalism or other kind of situation listed as a peril.

General Liability: The most frequent type of commercial claims are slip and falls. If someone accidentally gets injured while on your business premises you could be found liable for injury awards. General liability provides coverage for you in the event of an injury lawsuit.

Inland Transit: Do you need to insure your products while in transit? We can provide coverage for your deliveries.

Crime: Sometimes a business will suffer theft from employees. While we hope that never happens to your business, there is coverage for this kind of event.

Errors and Omissions: Sometimes a simple error can result in a lot of damage for a third party. Having E&O coverage means your company can survive a lawsuit that's been brought against you because of a mistake. More information on E&O insurance can be found here.

Equipment Breakdown: Do you have specialized equipment that you rely upon every day? What if a vital piece of equipment breaks down? Delays could mean the difference between surviving a claim and going bankrupt. This coverage provides helps you recover when a specialized piece of machinery breaks down.

Increased Limits: Is $2 million worth of liability protection enough? Do you need more? With our Toronto Medical Marijuana insurance you can have up to $10 Million dollars of liability coverage if needed. And you can have higher production values to ensure your hard work and stock are insured properly.

Claim Counselling: We help guide you through a claim process to ensure you get the best service and the best advice to minimize a claim's impact on your business.

Who Qualifies for the Toronto Medicinal Marijuana Producer Insurance?

If you are:

  • A medical marijuana dispensary or nursery
  • A medical marijuana bakery
  • Building owner or a leasing facility
  • Provide acupuncture, herbal remedies and more.

Then you are eligible for Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd.'s medical marijuana production insurance policy.

Don't Wait for a Disaster to Find Out You Don't Have Proper Cannabis Dispensary Insurance

It's easy to get a quote. Just fill in the quote form or call 800.265.2634 and a commercial insurance expert will help you through every step.

See how Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. can protect your business.