Kitchener Tattoo Insurance

We'll Cover Your Back, While You Cover Your Client's

Art has always been your calling and with your own tattoo shop you can do what you love. There are always new techniques and new designs to try out and that keeps things interesting and fresh. And there's nothing like the satisfied smile of a client who loves their new tattoo.

So, when things are going smoothly you don't worry. You focus on your craft. But, when things go bad you hope you have the Kitchener Tattoo Shop Insurance policy you need.

Accidents and incidents can happen at any time. From slip and falls to infectious diseases there's a lot a tattoo shop needs to be prepared for. Do you have professional liability coverage for your shop? Do you have income replacement if a water main should force you to close your shop for two months? Do you have coverage for possible allergic reactions to the tattoo dyes?

With Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. you will have expert advice, solid Tattoo Insurance coverage, and commercial insurance experts to help you through any claim situation.

Get The Tattoo shop Insurance That Fits Your Business

We realize that no two tattoo shops are the same, especially when it comes to artistic style and expression. And each tattoo parlour may specialize in certain types of procedures. That's why a Commercial insurance expert at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will look at your specific situation and provide insurance that best protects your business.

We can provide Tattoo Insurance for your whole operation. This includes all artists working for you, as well as any guest artists. In addition, we can offer the following coverages:

  • Professional Liability Insurance - Specific for tattoo shops and the risks they face.
  • Independent Tattoo Artist - If you are an independent tattoo artist we can provide custom insurance package for your business. This can include mobile tattoo services or tattoo trade show booths.
  • Tattoo Removal Services - Do you help clients remove tattoos showing former declarations of love? We can provide coverage for the various different tattoo removal methods.
  • Tattooing or Piercing of Minors - Providing tattoos and piercings for minors is a unique service. We can provide coverage for that as well.
  • Body Piercing and dermal anchoring - Our protection options include providing coverage for these specialized services. Give us a call and let us know what procedures you provide your customers.
  • Commercial Property - Do you own or rent commercial building space for your tattoo shop? We can provide commercial property coverage for your buildings, tools and equipment. There's coverage for your computers and records as well.
  • General Liability - This provides coverage for premises liability for any commercial property you own or rent. This coverage protects you from those slip and fall accidents or other kinds of incidents that may occur on your business property.

Don't Wait For A Claim Before Getting The Proper Coverage

It's easy to get an insurance estimate for your Kitchener Tattoo Business. Just fill in the above form or call 800.265.2634 and a Commercial Insurance Expert will help you understand what options are available for your business.

We can provide you with great protection - efficiently, effectively and economically.