Toronto Tattoo Insurance

Tattoo Shop Insurance Designed To Keep You Inking

Tattoos are becoming more popular. Combine new techniques with great artistry and your tattoo parlour will have no shortage of willing canvases. Your customers come to you because you provide the best quality workmanship. But what would happen if a simple tattoo got infected? Or a routine piercing went wrong?

Add to those risks the City of Toronto now requires tattoo parlours to provide proof they have adequate insurance for their business.

These are the risks tattoo parlours face. With Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd's Tattoo Insurance program we have the options and protection your company needs.

A Tailored Tattoo Parlour Insurance That Fits Your Business

Not every Tattoo Shop is the same, which means not every Tattoo Shop Insurance policy should be the same. We can arrange insurance to protect you, your business and your employees for the work you do.

  • Do you provide normal tattooing, dermal anchoring and piercings? We can protect that.
  • Do you have visiting guest artists? We can protect that.
  • Do you provide piercings for minors? We can protect that.

Our Tattoo Insurance program offers protection against liability claims and communicable disease claims. Plus, we can provide Commercial Property Insurance and commercial General Liability Insurance so there are no gaps in your coverage.

Whether your shop is right in the heart of downtown Toronto or in Midtown we can provide protection up to $2 Million. Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd provides businesses with the support and coverage they need to succeed. We've been doing it since 1919.

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Tattoo Parlour Insurance is not only a good strategy to ensure your business continues in the event of a claim, but the City of Toronto requires you to prove your coverage to get your licence.

Just fill out the quote form above and our commercial insurance experts will provide you with a competitive quote that works for your tattoo business.