Ontario Trucking Insurance

Transportation Insurance That Protects Your Business

The trucking industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of Canadian business. That's why you need an insurance broker that understands your business. With Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. you get a Trucking Insurance Expert who is knowledgeable about the changes to your industry and how to best tailor your policy to meet your needs.

  • Do you run a long haul transport business? We can protect it.
  • Do you have a fleet? We can protect it.
  • Are you a single operator? We can protect you.

A Quickly Changing Trucking Business Needs First Rate Service

We know that your transportation business is continually changing, evolving and growing to meet the demands of your customers. We can customize your protection to change with your company as your business grows and evolves. We can provide updates and changes to your policy as you experience opportunities.

Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. has been providing top of the line Inland Marine Insurance at great prices to Ontario transportation and trucking companies since 1919!

You Get the Best Protection From a Transportation Insurance Policy that Properly Reflects Your Business

We offer a wide range of highly specialized Trucking Insurance and have brokers who are experts in covering these kinds of Transportation businesses:

  • Long haul transport - fleet and non-fleet
  • Short haul transport
  • Local transportation
  • Warehouse
  • Marine transportation (stand alone coverage)
  • Heavy duty truck repair
  • Trucking owner/operators
  • Steel hauling
  • Sand and gravel
  • Premium Financing

With Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. You Know What Your Coverage Options Are For Your Inland Marine Insurance

  • Liability Coverage - You can get up to $2 Million of liability coverage. This will protect your business against an accident that causes injury or damage to a third party or their vehicle or property
  • Comprehensive Coverage - This covers your vehicles for things like windshield or glass damage, fire, theft, vandalism to name a few
  • What do you drive? We can protect semis or cargo vans or flatbeds. Whatever you use to haul your cargo.
  • Cargo Insurance - The last thing you want is to have an unhappy customer. That's why we can offer coverage to protect your cargo in case of theft or spoilage.
  • Equipment Breakdown - Do you use fork-lifts and other kinds of equipment? We can provide equipment coverage to ensure you can still move your cargo even if you experience equipment breakdown.
  • We can also provide you with Commercial Property Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance for your office, warehouse or place of business.

Don't Wait For A Catastrophe Before Getting The Protection You Need

Protect your transportation company with our Inland Marine Insurance experts. Our business is to protect your business.

Use the free quote request form at the top of this page or call us today 800.265.2634. You'll be surprised at what we can do for you!