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Inland Marine Insurance Your Business Can Depend On

Your trucking business is cruising along fine. Repeat customers fill your routes. Suddenly, one of your best drivers has an accident - a car cuts in front and causes him to go off the road. Unfortunately for you the truck cannot be driven and the cargo is just sitting there. Your number one customer has to get those goods. Does your London Trucking Insurance policy have the coverage you need for this situation?

Having a Commercial Auto Insurance policy is not enough for a dynamic trucking and transportation company like yours. At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd, we've insured trucking companies since 1919 and we know what protection the transportation industry needs. More than that, our commercial Transportation Insurance experts take the time to get to know your business so we can design a policy that provides the best protection your business needs - From Day 1!

Get The Inland Marine Insurance That Will Shield Your Business

There are many parts to a great Trucking Insurance policy and they all start with you. Do you drive long haul or short haul? Are you an owner/operator or do you have a fleet of vehicles? Do you haul garbage, food, construction materials or have a fleet of delivery vehicles for business clientele? From delicate cargo to time sensitive materials, whatever you carry we can protect.

Your Transportation Company Is Unique, Don't Settle For A Cookie Cutter Solution

Don't just get any policy, get a custom protection package from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. Our Commercial Transportation Insurance Experts can provide coverage that fits your business so you can keep your trucks on the road.

We can protect your trucking company for:

  • Liability Coverage - An accident can happen at any time. With this coverage your business is protected against any injuries are damage to third party property as a result of an accident. We have options for limits up to $2 Million of liability coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage - Vandalism, theft, windshield, falling object, fire and more. This coverage protects your vehicles from non-collision related claims.
  • Type of Vehicles - Whether you drive semis, cargo vans or flatbeds we can provide great insurance to protect your vehicle or fleet.
  • Cargo Insurance - Sometimes known as freight insurance, cargo insurance is used to cover the items you're transporting. Spoilage or theft could hurt your bottom line. It doesn't have to with this important protection.
  • Equipment Breakdown - The more you rely on special equipment, such as fork-lifts, the more your business could suffer in the event the equipment fails. Equipment breakdown coverage ensures your client's goods are still transported.

We can also provide you with Commercial General Liability Insurance and Commercial Property insurance for your office, warehouse or place of business.

Get Solid London Inland Marine Insurance Protection Before You Have A Claim

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A Transportation Insurance expert will quickly guide you through all your options and get your protection package up and running, efficiently, economically and effectively. Don't wait. Contact us today.