Mississauga Inland Marine Insurance

Don't Take A Chance With Your Trucking Business

Being able to complete deliveries for your customers on a strict schedule is what your trucking business is all about. That's why every second your commercial trucks are off the road means your business suffers. A freak accident, injury or fatality could become a major problem to the survival of your transportation business. Not only that, but there are many other kinds of situations, which could cost your business a lot of money.

That's why a commercial insurance expert Erb and Erb Insurance Broker's Ltd. will review your hauling business operations to ensure you have the best protection against the risks your company faces. And, your broker will be there to help you recover as quickly as possible should a sudden claim happen, whether you're in Mississauga, Ottawa or out of province.

Do You Know What Factors Determine Your Inland Marine Insurance Premium?

Your Operation - How safe are your drivers? Do you have many accidents? Previous claims, driver experience and your company's track record can affect your premiums.

Your Cargo - What kinds of cargo are you transporting? Is it expensive? Is it perishable? Is it environmentally dangerous? The value, type, and amount of cargo you are hauling determines some of the costs of your insurance premium. And especially determines cost for purchasing Cargo Insurance.

Your Destination - What is the range of your company operations? Do you travel just within Mississauga or Ontario or do you deliver throughout Canada and the U.S? Why does this matter? Where you are hauling your cargo can impact claims costs. Claims costs vary from thousands to millions depending on which state or province you are operating in. And, simply put the longer the distance your trucks travel, the more time they're on the road, the more risk that's involved.

Trucking Insurance Tailored To Your Company

Since 1919, Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. continues to provide specialized Inland Marine Insurance policies to the transportation and trucking industry - Anywhere in North America! Whether you are an individual owner operator or a commercial trucking fleet company we can ensure the risks your trucking business faces will be properly insured.

We offer claims advocacy and guidance, risk management services and insurance advice for your entire operation:

  • Commercial Property - We can provide coverage for your commercial and office space. Visit our Commercial Property Insurance page to find out more.
  • Equipment Breakdown - Do you rely on equipment like tow motors or fork lifts? Do you rely on refrigeration or boilers and other machinery? We can provide you coverage that will get you quickly back to work in case your equipment breaks down.
  • Cargo Insurance - Do you need special insurance to cover your cargo in transit? While your customer's goods are in your care they fall under your responsibility. We can make sure you have the proper coverage in case the worst happens.
  • Commercial Liability - This coverage provides protection for your business premises against things like slip and falls by customers, or damage to third party property on your premises. Find out more about Commercial Liability Insurance here.

Don't Wait for a Traffic Accident to Find Out Your Business Has the Best Coverage

It's easy to get your Mississauga Trucking Insurance in order. Just fill in the above quote form or call 800.265.2634 and one of our commercial insurance experts will help you get the protection your company needs.

Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. understands trucking and Cargo Insurance. Don't trust just anyone with your livelihood. Trust the experts, since 1919.