Meet Mike Onotsky, CFP

Certified Financial Planner

A holistic approach to planning your financial future

As a Financial Planner with the Erb and Erb Financial Services team, I look forward to partnering with you in order to develop your personalized financial roadmap to the future. I believe that in order for your financial plan to make sense, it must be a true reflection of your priorities in life, what your goals and dreams are, and start with me understanding what makes you tick. Financial planning should not be cookie cutter. In the end, you will wind up with a very detailed, documented financial plan that provides so much more than simply running a calculator that tells you how to get to B from A.

With 12 years of experience in financial planning, I draw on a number of situations working with clients holding complex investment portfolios, having unique tax planning needs, having complex insurance requirements, and, most importantly, in need of thorough cash flow analysis. My advice reaches to all corners of your financial situation and I take pride in getting to know my clients well enough to be their first call when they are considering making any important financial decision.

As an expert in investment planning, I can work with you to ensure your assets are invested as they should be. When it comes to looking at how you structure your various RSP, RIF, TFSA, and Investment Accounts, together we will look at managing these for tax efficiency now and in retirement, ensure that the risk you are taking is appropriate for your needs, and ensure that your retirement and estate are structured to meet your needs and wishes.

Great reasons to call me:

  1. I focus on the advice, not the product. To be truthful, its not hard to do some research and select good investments. It is also not difficult to run a few calculators to figure out how much you need to save for retirement or how much you can spend in retirement. The challenge comes in how we structure things for EFFICIENT financial planning. This is where proper advice makes all of the difference.

  2. Expert investment knowledge. Together, we will create portfolios for you that considers YOUR risk level, YOUR timeline, and YOUR priorities. In the end, these are YOUR funds and final decision is always yours. My goal is to advise with your best interests in mind, not mine.

  3. Someone who cares about you and the world around us. I am highly involved in our community…both the local one and the global one. I am very much involved in our church’s missions planning committee and serve personally in Africa as well as locally. As such, I care deeply about the wellbeing of others. You will find me someone who puts you first and desires to see you succeed in your goals.

Erb and Erb’s Financial Services Team

We have a unique offering at Erb and Erb. As much as I am an expert in financial and investment planning, there are some areas where I am stronger than others. Fortunately, we have a fantastic team of experts. From complex business planning to in depth estate and insurance planning as well as all points in between, our team of seasoned experts and outside partners will ensure that you could not be better taken care of. Consider me your “financial quarterback” to ensure we bring the right people into the picture in order to implement your financial plan as effectively as possible.

Want to Get in Touch With Me?

Toll Free: 800.265.2634 Ext. 112

Local: 519.579.4270 Ext. 112