Meet Tom Kaufman, Estate Planning and Family Business Transistion Specialist

Creating Certainty in a Volatile World

As a financial advisor with the Erb and Erb Financial Services Team, I’m eager to work for you to create certainty about the things that matter to you. Using a unique planning approach of financial mapping, I will work with you in order to understand and highlight your needs and objectives- what I refer to as your certainty anchors- from both a personal and a business perspective.  Once we have identified those certainty anchors, working with you and your advisors, I create a plan that will ensure those anchors are put securely into place.  Be it for your business planning, your personal estate planning or a combination of the two, creating a thorough, prudent plan that addresses your long term objectives will give you the calmness that is associated with certainty.

As an independent advisor I am not restricted to certain products from certain companies.  This flexibility allows me to create your a plan for you using the approach that the plan must fit your needs as compared to your needs fitting into a particular plan.

Great Reasons To Call Me:

  1. Creating Certainty In A Volatile World – Despite our wishes, the world continues to be a volatile place.  If you have done some planning, I can create stability for you by benchmarking it.  If you have not yet started, I can create stability for you by creating your plan.

  2. Independent Advisor – As an independent financial adviser I can select from many companies’ tools and products.  That means the products will suit your plan rather making that your plan suit the products.  

  3. Real world experience – My personal background gives me a thorough understanding of many of the issues that face business owners and individuals who are contemplating succession and estate planning issues.

Keep in mind that it is seldom too early to plan…but can suddenly become too late!

 To get in touch to discuss first steps you can reach me at:

Toll Free: 800.265.2634 ext 139

Local: 519.404.8147