Your Financial Freedom Begins by Meeting Our Financial Planners

Financial Planning is simple in principal but complex in execution. The process of Financial Planning begins by meeting with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to discuss your goals and determine if there is a basis for a relationship between you and one of our CFP professionals. Next steps involve gathering information, discussing your goals and situation in depth, creating strategies, developing a plan of action, and then meeting to review the plan and implementing any strategies proposed. One of the most important aspects of an effective financial plan comes next…regular meetings to review and re-plan as necessary to stay relevant to your changing needs.

What is a Financial Plan?


A true financial plan is a document that not only speaks to your needs and goals but one that looks at all elements of your financial picture. It is NOT a document that only addresses savings goals, risk tolerance, or investment performance on their own. 

We often refer to a good financial plan as one that takes a “holistic” approach. That is, one which recognizes that each piece of the plan affects other pieces and all aspects are in constant flux. To truly understand which recommendations to make, we must first understand you and your priorities in life.

This document is the foundation of a long term relationship with your Financial Planner at Erb and Erb. We will use it to assess past performance as well as adjust it to meet future needs. It is the key to annual reviews.

The Financial Planning Process

While the work involved in a financial plan is complex, the process is simple. It involves a number of steps that are completed with the Financial Planner working alongside of the client and his external advisors if necessary, as well as many hours of the planner calculating, analyzing, and documenting the recommendations behind the scenes.

Step 1: Initial meeting – discuss what you hope to accomplish through the planning process

Step 2: Identify action items – determine options for next steps

Step 3: Discovery – meet to collect data and discuss your goals in detail

Step 4: Plan creation – we take the time to create a plan that reflects your specific needs

Step 5: Plan proposal – meet to review the plan and its recommendations

Step 6: Implementation – put in place the items discussed in order to help you reach your goals

Step 7: Regular reviews – annual plan review combined with semi-annual product reviews

Our Commitment to You

As we embark upon the Financial Planning process, we assure you that all we do is in your best interest. We commit that all recommendations we make are what we feel is best for your personal situation and not recommendations that we “pull off the shelf” and use with all clients. We aim to know what makes you tick and how we can provide the best advice possible. You can rest knowing that any product recommendations we make are what is best for you and not our pocketbooks. Our primary goal is the financial well-being of our clients.

Your Commitment to Us

In order for us to provide the best advice and service to you, we need to know the entirety of your current financial picture and future goals. We need to meet with you on a regular basis for reviews to ensure that your plan is still the best for your current needs. We request a minimum of annual reviews, however, we do find that most of our clients prefer to meet on a semi annul or even quarterly basis.

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