The Investment World is a Pretty Big Place

How is an investor to know what is right for them when faced with so many options and strategies?

Some people will tell you that dividend paying equities are the way to go. Some will tell you nothing but bonds. Others still will try to talk you into real estate, GICs, insurance products, or a plethora of other investment options.

At Erb and Erb Financial Services, we help you cut through the clutter of investment options. With our team of experts, we have decades of combined in house experience in many areas of investing and have grown a reputation in the community as leaders in framing unbiased advice around your investment picture.


Getting the Right Asset Mix for You is Our Top Priority

We do not believe there is a one size fits all solution to investing for our clients.

At Erb and Erb Financial Services we spend significant time analyzing the markets for top performing investments with lower risk ratings. No two clients have the same plans, goals, and dreams, therefore, what is an effective portfolio for others may not be right for you.

We do not believe in trying to time the markets in order to shift your investments to the flavour of the month. Our recommendations reflect our goal of building portfolios with consistent, long term performers that match our clients’ risk tolerance, timeframe, investment purpose, and personal investment philosophies to ensure we minimize potential risk while maximizing potential return as appropriate for your unique situation.

After initial implementation of a diversified portfolio, the next step in the process is regular review. While we create a portfolio based on the goal for those funds, sometimes those goals change. In addition, market activity often necessitates rebalancing to ensure your portfolio is always in line with the amount of risk and the asset allocation that is relevant to its purpose.

Our Investment Selection for You is Highly Personalized

In order to best prepare an Investment Plan for you, we first review your needs.

We take the time to review our recommendations with you to ensure the options brought forth are comfortable to you. We can then implement the portfolio that we mutually agree on. Products recommended will normally be from a host of vendors as we are not limited to using products from just one company. Our goal is to find the best of the best, no matter the company.

Our first step in the investment process involves what we call an Asset Allocation Questionnaire. This questionnaire allows us to determine the level of risk that you are willing to take and is right for you. Clients often wish to provide us with a copy of their current investment statement in order to allow us to create a comparison report using tools such as Morningstar and GlobeAdvisor. These tools are from independent, third party companies and allow us to show you side by side comparisons of your current and our recommended portfolios.

Once in place, your financial advisor at Erb and Erb will continue to monitor your portfolio to ensure it stays allocated as per its original design. In order to review and rebalance your asset mix, regularly scheduled meetings take place to ensure any “portfolio drift” is addressed and the assets are brought back into alignment with the model originally put into place.

Come and speak to our team of experts today and see the Erb and Erb Financial Services difference for yourself.