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The average costs to repair water damage to a home has tripled in the last 15 years?

Did you know that water claims are the number one insurance claim in Canada?

Did you know freshwater flood insurance is now available for most homeowners in Ontario? Get a quote now!

Fresh water flood insurance, or overland water insurance, can be added to your homeowners policy so that you have protection from fresh water flooding or overland water due to torrential rains, which enters your home.

Cost to repair per square foot

Why is this important?

Extreme weather is not just a passing fad.

Climate change, aging and inadequate infrastructure, rapid increase of construction and life style changes have all made water public enemy #1. Microbursts can happen at any time and can strike with little warning. These quick rainstorms can dump as much as 30 cm of water in less than an hour and inundates local storm sewers. This creates a problem; Where does that water go?
Answer: Into your home.

More people have finished basements then ever before. And what are those basements now filled with? Not the old couch or chair, but brand new furniture and entertainment units with expensive electronics. When water rushes into a basement any expensive belongings there get destroyed.

Get the information you need about how to protect your home and your treasured possessions.

Meteorological and Hydrological Disaster Occurrences in Canada, 1900–2005

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  • And will help you understand overland water insurance

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