Ontario Boat Insurance

A Solid Anchor in Turbulent Waters

Cruise the Water With Ontario Boat Insurance

If you've ever spent any time in one of Ontario's many lakes and rivers, you know just how wonderful life on the water can be. The mist on your cheeks, the laughter of friends and family, or the quiet serene peace of an early morning fishing outing are all reasons that Ontarians share for their love of lakes. But as a boat owner you need to be proactive to protect this freedom on the water with proper Boat Insurance through Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Boating Insurance That Fits Your Lifestyle

The boating lifestyle varies from person to person, and you're not likely to meet a boat owner who isn't passionate about their life on water. Whether you have an inboard or outboard motor, runabout or cruiser, like water sports or fishing, you've got an opinion on your favourite kind of boat, favourite body of water and favourite times of day to be out on the lake.

This idyllic lifestyle is not often marred by the sometimes boring subject of insurance, unless of course, you've recently read a news article about an Ontario boat crash. It's unsettling and often disastrous in either injuries or damages when you do turn the topic of conversation to Boat Insurance. The claims are worse than some automobile accidents. Without proper coverage and understanding of that coverage a boat owner could end up on dry land, with no boat to speak of when it's all said and done.

Don't Wait For A Claim Before Getting The Boating Insurance You Deserve

For a few dollars a month you can protect yourself, your family and your favourite seasonal toy from most any scenario that Mother Nature can unleash on Ontario waters. Our brokers take the time to review the terms and conditions of your new boat policy with you to ensure you're above board with your usage and policy limits.

Fill out the above quote form, or call us today at 519.579.4270 and speak to a personal insurance expert about your options. There are potential discounts to be had on your home insurance when you package your Boating Insurance with your home, auto and seasonal home insurance packages.