Kitchener Classic Car Insurance

Because of its value, your classic car deserves better coverage than your everyday car insurance offers. Consider this: your collectible car may simply register as an older vehicle on your current auto policy. If an accident occurs, you could be left shorthanded when you try to replace it.  Meaning you don't recoup anywhere near the cost that you have put into your prized possession.

Kitchener Classic Car Insurance is different from ordinary car insurance because it's geared towards the actual collectible value of your car. It's one thing to be able to get another car, it's quite another to be able to replace your classic car.

Get Antique Car Insurance That Fits Your Needs

In the same way that you customize your ride, you can customize your Vintage Car Insurance policy: the car's value, the miles you drive each year and more can all be adjusted for you. Whether you are a driver that goes to all the car shows or you drive only limited miles--pay for what you need.

When you insure your Kitchener classic car on its own policy, the low cost and the numerous collector features that can be added to your classic cars policy will surprise you.

Kitchener Antique Car Insurance is available to anyone who needs to insure a car that is worth more than will be covered by a standard car insurance policy.

Two reasons to get started today!

  1. Having a Kitchener Vintage Car Insurance policy makes sure that before your next car show or even your next drive, you enjoy the safety of full insurance for your car and the peace of mind that it is correctly insured.
  2. Fill out our simple form right away to get started. We will get in touch with you to show you the features you need, at a very reasonable price.