Waterloo Classic Car Insurance

Antique Car Insurance You Can Cruise With

Waterloo classic car owners, you are in a great spot. It seems the whole region has an interest in checking out your vintage ride at any one of our area's fantastic classic car events. Our closest and personal favourites are of course: Cruzin' of the Square, Moparfest, and Cruising on King Street.

Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. is proud to be an industry expert in Classic Car Insurance. After all, it's one of our clients favourite assets. We know that your classic car is more than just a ride; we know that to you, it feels like another member of your family. We take pride in helping you find the perfect Collector Car Insurance policy, helping you protect your other family member, your garage baby.

Get The Antique Car Insurance That Fits Your Situation

Standard Auto Insurance policies do not have the coverage options to protect your classic car fully; for that, you need special coverage. Our Classic Car Insurance program allows us to offer the best value to local residents because it's geared to provide unbeatable coverage at fair prices. You can customize your policy like you customize your ride. Do you want to take your classic car around town? Or do you want to only take it out for special events? Our programs allow us to optimize your policy to suit your needs - not the other way around.

Our Personal Insurance expters will have options for your Antique Car Insurance - making your journey to find the best coverage in Waterloo a little easier. Let us work for you, we'll answer all of your questions about vintage vehicles, insurance, and can even point you in the direction of our many industry contacts including appraisers and body shops. Worry less about insuring your classic car and more about the wind in your hair and the sound of that vintage horn.

Don't Wait Until A Claim To Discover You don't Have The Coverage You Thought You Did

It's easy to get a free no-obligation Collector Car Insurance Quote. Simply fill out a quote form, or speak with one of our personal insurance experts at 519.579.4270.

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