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Condominium buildings are being built at a record pace in Ontario. Toronto alone has 15,000 new condo units being built every year. Every city in Ontario has a boom in condo construction as urban centres need to expand upwards rather than have urban sprawl. Condo unit owners who don’t have appropriate Condo Insurance will find themselves having to cover surprise expenses.

At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers, we have the Condominium Insurance expertise that can provide you peace of mind. With our policies you enjoy the best protection for your investment at a competitive price. We can give you the guidance you need to get the coverage you deserve.

Unique Condo Insurance You Need

Many condo unit owners make the mistake of thinking their condominium corporation covers many of the insurance risks they, as a unit owner, face. Some condo corporations may not cover the heating, plumbing or electrical work, while others do. At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers we take the time to guide you through your standard unit definition to make sure you have enough coverage in case the worst happens.

Other condo owners make the mistake of thinking a Homeowners Insurance policy will protect their condo. That’s not the case. If you are paying any kind of condo or maintenance fee you probably need special endorsements to adequately protect yourself.

What’s In A Condominium Insurance Policy

If you’ve purchased a condo for your primary residence, a second home, a seasonal location, or as an investment rental property, or if you've bought a highrise condo or townhouse condo we have top quality insurance packages that are right for your needs.

Whether you need Kitchener Condo Insurance, Ottawa Condominium Insurance or Waterloo Condo Insurance, our Ontario condo package not only offers protection against water, fire, wind damage or theft but also against liability claims from anyone else on the condo property. We can even provide an endorsement to protect you if you own the building but not the land.

We also have coverage for unit improvements and betterments to protect your upgrades and renovations. There’s assessment coverage liability if the condo corporation is sued. If you have a claim where you can’t live in your unit for an extended time we have additional living coverage to pay for another place for you to live.

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