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New Hamburg is in a state of unprecedented growth with new neighbourhoods popping up all the time. Soon the area will experience what Kitchener-Waterloo has in recent years, a surge of condominiums being added to the region.

One common myth with condos is that your condo corporations insurance will cover your unit. Each condo corporation can be completely unique from any other condo corporation, but one facet is almost always true for all condos, your personal effects and property are not covered by the corporations' policy.

Condominium Insurance is different than standard Homeowners or Tenants Insurance; it's a hybrid of tenants and home policies. You need coverage for the parts of the building that you own, typically from the studs or drywall in, including your cabinets, and plumbing and electrical fixtures. You'll also need coverage for all of your contents, clothes, furniture and collectables, DVDS, art and jewelry.

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Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. is ready to help local condo owners de-mystify their Condominium Insurance. When you purchase your new condo you'll be given a "Standard Unit Definition" which is a legal document outlining exactly what parts of the condo you are responsible to maintain and of course, INSURE. Our brokers are trained to help you pick apart this document and determine the exact amount of coverage you'll need on your condo policy. What's better is that if you want to add coverage for your special high value items, we can do that too!

New Hamburg is watching their surrounding regions grow their technology and manufacturing industries, and is quickly becoming a town rich with retirement villages and growing suburbs. A condo boom is imminent in the region and if you're in the market for a condo, Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. is your best bet for ample and affordable condo coverage.

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