Kitchener Disability Insurance

You work hard for what you earn and enjoy the benefits of that income.

But, what if a sudden disability meant you couldn't work for a couple of years?  Would your bills wait to be paid?  Would grocery stores take IOU's?

A disability that affects your ability to earn a living means the everyday expenses that you and your family deal with become that much more difficult.  And this is on top of the difficulty of dealing with the disability itself.

What is Disability Insurance?  It insures a person's income in case they suffer a disability that prevents them from being able to work or complete the core functions of their job.

Disability Insurance needs to be in place before the disability happens.  So don't wait, get a free Disability Insurance quote now.

Here at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers our experts have access to the top disability insurance providers and can find very competitive rates for any situation.

At Erb and Erb we have protected the residents and business of Kitchener since 1919.  With a disability insurance policy through Erb and Erb you'll have the resources you need to get through your disability.

Complete the quote form above and see how a disability insurance policy through Erb and Erb can protect you and your family.