Waterloo High Value Home Insurance

Powerful Waterloo High Value Homeowners Insurance You Can Count On

Within Waterloo there are many beautiful homes and wonderful neighbourhoods. High valued, or luxury, homes require special considerations when dealing with home insurance. Getting the correct coverage for your high value home is crucial.

Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers, Ltd. can find you High Value Home Insurance that adds much greater coverage than regular home insurance. This coverage better reflects the actual value of your home and the contents within it, and allows you to rebuild what you've lost.

High Value Homes Need High Value Coverage

The greater the value and worth of your home and contents the more you need a specific high value home policy that addresses these needs. A home with unique collections and furnishings and built with exceptional construction materials needs a High Value Homeowners Insurance policy that offers enough protection and coverage.

You'll be surprised how affordable it is to cover your whole house with a Waterloo high value home policy.

Are You Comfortable With Your Current Home Insurance Policy?

Are you satisfied that your current regular homeowner’s insurance policy has coverage to protect your high valued home? Are you aware of the limits on your homeowner’s policy?

Waterloo High Value Home Insurance is available to those concerned about coverage and replacement values. Typically, homes that are worth upwards of $400,000 should consider this insurance.

Enhanced Features of A High Value Homeowners Insurance Policy

Because a luxury home has expensive building materials and has unique and custom furnishings, a high valued home insurance policy features:

  • Increased special limits for collections, art and money and many more
  • Special endorsements for Identity Theft, Personal Legal Expense and others
  • Guaranteed Replacement cost for your home
  • Replacement cost for your contents
  • No requirement to rebuild

Why Act Now?

  1. Accidents can and do happen. Don’t wait until a fire destroys your home before getting proper coverage.
  2. We will shop your insurance with many different companies so you don't have to.  And our policies will give you peace of mind knowing your home replacement costs will be covered. Fill in the form and we'll get to work for you!