Guelph Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance You Can Rely Upon

Residents of Guelph know all too well that applying for Home Insurance can be one of the most time consuming insurance purchases they'll make. At Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. we try to make this exchange of information as quick and easy as possible. Each home is unique, and the surrounding neighborhoods of everyone's home paints a different picture with regard to risk and cost of homeowners coverage. But whether you live in the Sugarbush, Downtown or Old University area, we've got you covered. Guelph homeowners can rest assured that their Broker from Erb and Erb knows the area well; our staff could even be your neighbour!

What Guelph Residents Should Know About Homeowners Insurance

We absolutely love to meet and assist engaged and conscientious insurance consumers, and Home Insurance is a perfect way for us to really flex our insurance knowledge. We can help you obtain the correct coverage for your home including the brand new to Ontario "Overland Water Coverage" for fresh water flooding. We can arrange your policy with a company based on any number of factors, coverage add-ons, payment options, premium price, or even find a company with specific community outreach and charitable initiatives. You tell us what matters to you and we'll filter out the rest.

Coverage Add-Ons and Must Haves

Homeowners Insurance policies in Ontario come with a standard package which is what most insurance brokers will offer without second thought. But do they have your needs in the forefront of their mind during the transaction. Have they asked you about your silverware, your art collection, or your top of the line DSLR camera kit? Did they ask if you were interested in Sewer Backup coverage, Overland Water Coverage, or an Umbrella policy to give you that extra bit of personal liability protection? If your insurance agent isn't asking you these specific questions you could have gaps in insurance coverage that you desperately need.

Don't Wait for a Claim to Happen Before You Find Out You Don't Have the Right Coverage

Connect with and Erb and Erb Insurance Broker today to find out about all the coverage available to you, and an expert to help you determine your insurance needs and priorities.

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