Ontario Motorcycle Insurance

Cruise the road safely with Motorcycle InsuranceThere’s nothing like riding a motorcycle on the open road. The wind tugging at your jacket and that familiar feeling of freedom as you rev up to cruising speed makes the summers in Ontario great.

Equally as great is the need for proper Ontario Motorcycle Insurance. And now there are more motorcycle riders than ever before in Ontario. Overall there are more licenced drivers in Ontario as well. More drivers and more cars mean motorcycle riders have to be more careful. In 2009 there were 1,274 riders injured in motorcycle accidents.

This means you need to have Ontario Cycle Insurance with adequate coverage to protect you and any passenger you carry.

Getting the Right Ontario Motorbike Insurance

You just bought the motorcycle you’ve always wanted. It’s got everything; The perfect rig for your highway riding. But, have you gotten it insured properly? Are you covered for theft, vandalism, or fire? What about motorcycle damage if you’re in an accident?.

Do you have enough Optional Accident Benefits (injury benefits) coverage in case you’re hurt in an accident? What about liability in case you hurt someone else such as a passenger on your motorcycle? Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will walk you through your options so you can make an informed decision on Cycle Insurance.

Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd: Your Ontario Insurance Expert

We at Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. understand motorcycles because we’re riders too. Whether you have a hog, a cruiser, a sportsbike or a sweet custom job, we can find you great protection, that fits your needs, at a competitive price. So, don’t delay. We can help you with your Kitchener Cycle Insurance, Waterloo Motorbike Insurance, or Insurance for wherever in Ontario you live.

Don’t wait for the snow to stop falling to get your Ontario Motorbike Insurance in order, get a quote from the experts. Just fill out the form above and see what we can do for you.