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The Sharing economy is a great way for people to earn a little extra income. And now there's an easy, affordable insurance solution for Uberx drivers! With an uber insurance policy through Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. you can protect yourself, your passengers, and your car all with one simple uberx insurance policy!

How does this Rideshare Insurance Work?

With this new uber car insurance policy you simply choose one of two operating levels. Will you provide rides less than 10 hours a week or between 10 and 20 hours each week? Then it's just a matter of getting your policy in force.

Coverage is as Easy as a Click Away

Why Should You Get Ride Sharing Insurance?

Accidents happen.

Imagine you're driving a group of four friends that you picked up through the Uber app. They're bar hopping and having a great time.

Suddenly, another car runs a red light and strikes your vehicle. Injuries or worse could mean lawsuits and if you don't have the correct uberx car insurance policy in place you could find yourself without the proper coverage.

Having Proper Insurance Means You're Protected.

What Coverage Do You Get With an Uber Insurance Policy?

You Enjoy All the Same Protections as A Regular Car Insurance Policy, Except You Also Protect Your Passengers.

  • Your vehicle has full coverage for collisions, thefts, vandalism just like any normal car insurance policy.
  • You'll have rental coverage as well for when your car needs repairs as a result of an accident.
  • You have standard accident benefits, injury benefits, for both you and all of your passengers in case of accident and injury.
  • Legal fees and defence costs are included with your liability coverage.
  • Protection for you and your passengers at all times – from the moment you log onto the system, advising you're available to the picking up, transporting, and to the drop-off of passengers.

You Wouldn't Drive Your Passengers Without Proper Seatbelts, So Don't Drive Them Without Proper Insurance

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