Kitchener Rideshare Insurance

Picking Up Passengers? Pick Up Proper Insurance Too!

You take pride in your car. It's clean, comfortable and rides like a dream. Your rideshare passengers appreciate the work you've done to make their ride enjoyable. You think of safety too. You make sure you drive well and don't take risks. But, do you have the proper coverage to protect you and your passengers?

What if you were driving and another car ran a stop sign, hitting your vehicle in the side? What if your passenger is severely injured? Do you have the insurance coverage to help you through that situation?

With Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. you get a Kitchener Uber Insurance policy that will cover you for accidents and protect you, your car and, most importantly, your passengers. It's easy and affordable coverage too.

What Does Kitchener Uberx Insurance Provide Me?

It provides all the coverage of a normal Car Insurance policy, but with added coverage for your ridesharing job. Insurance companies recognize the need to provide innovative insurance solutions for today's sharing economy. With your Uber Insurance policy you get:

Liability coverage - Protects you from lawsuits by covering your legal and court costs.

Accident benefits - Offer funds to help you or your passengers recover in the event of an injury due to an accident. Things like rehabilitation and medical costs are covered under your Rideshare Insurance policy.

Physical Damage - Damage caused to your vehicle while you are an active uberx driver are covered with our Rideshare policy.

How Does the New Uber Insurance Policy Work?

It's a special endorsement added onto a standard car insurance policy. You choose whether you drive either up 10 hours a week or between 10 and 20 hours per week. You keep your Uber logs updated and then you're off, driving passengers to their destinations.

You're covered on the way to picking up your passengers, during the transport of passengers, and at the drop off of your passengers.

Don't Wait For Your Passenger to Get Hurt in an Accident Before Getting The Coverage You Need

Get the coverage you and your passengers deserve. It's easy. Just call 800.265.2634 or complete the quote form above and one of Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd.'s Rideshare Insurance experts will guide you through the whole process.

Don't wait, contact us today and see how simple it is to protect yourself properly!