Waterloo Rideshare Insurance

Uber Insurance That Will Protect You and Your Passengers

You switch on your availability with Uber and instantly connect with a passenger request. They're in Uptown Waterloo and want to go to Conestoga Mall. Great. You get some extra money and your passenger gets to their destination. The pick-up is easy, they know your car, your face and your ratings. Everything is moving great. Until an accident happens.

What if, while you're driving a passenger, another driver runs a red light and hits your vehicle at Weber and King? Worse, what if your passenger gets seriously injured? Are you sure you have right Uber Insurance to protect you and your passenger?

If not, you could find yourself in a lawsuit.

Why Should I Get Rideshare Insurance?

As an UberX driver you want to be sure you protect not only yourself and your car, but also your passengers. Because if the worst happens and a paying passenger is severely injured you want to have the appropriate coverage to ensure their recovery. With a Waterloo Uberx insurance policy through Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. you get the following:

Liability coverage - This coverage offers you protection from lawsuits. It covers any legal and court costs up to your liability limit.

Accident benefits - Sometimes this is known as injury benefits. This coverage provides funds to help those injured in your vehicle as a result of an accident to recover. This coverage offers things like rehabilitation and other medical costs associated with car accident injuries.

Physical Damage - Sometimes another driver will make a mistake and cause damage to your vehicle. Having physical damage protection means your car will be repaired in the event of an accident.

You get all this coverage from the instant you sign onto the Uber app, find a passenger, pick them up to when you drop them off and sign out of the application. And, you still have regular car insurance for when you aren't ridesharing! The best of both worlds.

Don't Wait For An Accident To Happen - Get The Proper Rideshare Insurance Today!

It's easy to get a Waterloo Ride Share Insurance quote. Call 800.265.2634 or fill out the quote form above and a Personal Insurance Expert from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd. will guide you through all the options.

You'll see how affordable Uber Insurance can be. Call today!