Cambridge Tenant Insurance

Think You Don't Need Renters Insurance Protection?

You live in a middle floor of a 10 storey apartment building and think you'll never have to worry about flooding. Then the unit above you suffers a burst pipe and water trickles into your apartment while you are away. You stuff is ruined. A Cambridge Tenant Insurance policy can cover that.

You start cooking your dinner and decide now is a good time to do a load of laundry. While away a fire starts in your oven. Not only is your apartment and belongings damaged, but the next unit over is also damaged. With the proper insurance policy you will have liability coverage for this kind of accident. Otherwise the costs to repair the building and replace your neighbour's things will fall to you to pay.

Tenants Insurance That Fits

You may think the landlord's insurance will cover your stuff. The landlord's insurance policy will cover the building structure, as it should, but not your personal property and certainly not any liability arising out of your actions.

Liability protection comes with each Renters Insurance policy. We recommend having at least $1,000,000. While that may sound like a lot there have been apartment fires that have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. With liability coverage you are protected in case another tenant or the landlord sues you for damage to their property. Besides, you'd be surprised how inexpensive a great Tenant Insurance policy from Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd is. We have a great about of experience, whether we're providing Waterloo Tenants Insurance or Ontario Wide Renters Insurance - we can protect you and your family.

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